Valentines - Stor kram!

Time for Valentines Day... This is just a friendly card saying "Sending you a Big Hug!"

My Grandmother's Birthday

My grandmother just had her birthday. Sadly enough I mailed it too late, so she didn't get it for her birthday, but I hope that she will get it tomorrow, Monday. Her name is Anna and she's a bit over 80 years old now. Despite braking her hip some years ago she is still very active and is weaving in one of her tree looms every day. She's often up around 5 am and weaves for two hours before breakfast at 7. She also knits, mostly socks and mittens. What she doesn't do is reading my blog and therefore I can publish her card before she gets it whitout beeing worried about spoiling the surprise. :)

Christmas Cards 2010

This is an example of the Christmas cards I sent last year. I sent 33 cards altogether and they all looked differently. This one was for my mom...They were all purple and easel cards. The had different sentiments, stamped images, flowers and background papers. But almost everybody who got them didn't understand how to fold them to make them stand. Haha!