From then to now.

Last year in December I followed my friend Tessi to a Swedish crafts shop called Panduro. I didn't really know what to buy, she was all into beads and such. I bought some stuff to make some necklaces to my mum and my aunt but I was really thrilled about the paper crafts section. I decided to make my own Christmas cards! So I did. They didn't really turn out the best, but at least I did it.
When my grandmother had her birthday this January I bought her a card and just when I handed over the money I wondered why I didn't made the card myself. So for Valentines day I decided to make some love-ly (hihi) cards and send to my best friends. This time I searched the net for ideas. And I found lots! So for my mom's birthday in March I made a birthday card and I was kind of happy with it.
And guess what I did for Easter? I made 20 cards! Yeay to me! I'll show you my top five!
Happy Easter!

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