A Star Within You

I cannot really see what I did wrong here. This seems to be two cards in one... And I'm not sure how to correct it... I might get too many ideas at the same time? Too many things I want to use?? This card is for the S2G Paper Crafting Challenge and they gave me a picture as inspiration;

I noticed the pears on the carrier of the bicycle. So I wanted to do something with pears. So I got to think about a story that someone told me. That is the text in the yellow frame on top of the card. It is translated:

"one night a lonely pear tree looked up to the sky and saw the stars
he said to the brightest shining star: oh, I wish I was like you – a beautiful star
the star replied: why do you wish for that, when you have a star within you
- just cut a pear in half on its length and you'll see what the star meant"

That is really a beautiful thought. Anyway. I wanted to use the yellow colour. So I made frames for the text and I drew pears and coloured them. And I wanted to make a circle around the pears, but I couldn't find a template that was small enough. So I ended up using the Fiskars Mixed Shapes and Mixed Borders template to make a star. Very clever. Then I wanted to use my little tag with a blossom that really matched the blossoms that I'd drawn. So I used it. And then I used my pink ribbon that matched the flower.

I chose the background paper really carefully and tried almost every paper I had. But when I put everything together, the star was too big, so the top ended up beside the story. And then I had an empty space at the bottom left. Not that good. I tried to chomp the corners to make it look better, but that didn't help that much. So I thought that I should write something in french. So I wrote "I give you pears and love". And then I drew the stylish flowers from the sign in the photo. And when I was done I saw that all my great ideas didn't really match that nicely as I had thought... But anyway. I made a card. And I think that some of the elements are really pretty and nice looking.


Ann English said...

Lovely, French inspired card! Thanks for playing Twisted Thursday with us at Shirleys2Girls!

Cat said...

Such a pretty card! Love how you used the pears! Thanks for joining us at S2G this week!

Deanne Burton said...

Great card!!!

Thanks for participating in the Shirley's 2 Girls blog challenge!!!