This is a card that I made, also inspired by Kristina Werner's Merci-card mentioned in my last post. I've punched the hearts with my WEDO Heart Puncher and put dubbleadhesive foam in different heights under.
The card paper is apricot and fits nicely with the Epoxysticker from DCWV, my best guess is that it is from At the Circus package, but I'm not really sure. Anyway. I don't know if the stickers were old or something but I didn't like working with them at all. I've made more cards with these stickers on them, but I've been muttering and getting grumpy each time. They smell really bad, that's just for starters. They don't stick to the paper and they kind of curl up on the sides, which makes it impossible to just try to use the adhesive on the backside. So I've been adding Casco's RX Glue.
A favourite of mine ever since I was about 6. Not kidding with you. The RX glue and the huge tape dispenser that my dear dad stored in his drawers under his big desk was the first thing I grabbed when he went to work. He has been angry with me several times for emptying his RX glue trying to tell me that it's not for kids. Haha! I was a kid and it was my absolut favourite toy. Not to mention the tape... Wonder why he wasn't happy about the gifts I made him? Tape all over the place. Now, that was a bit away from the subject...
So, I tried to glue the Epoxystickers on, but they just crawled all over the paper, so I put a weight on them, and they just moved around even more. It was like Bambi on ice. Patience is not really a huge problem at work, but at the computer or with things that should work, but doesn't... I get so frustrated!
What more can I say about the card... The bottom paper is from DCWV Citrus Matstock. The Swedish text translates just a simple "Thanks". Enjoy!

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