Love U

My first entry for a card designing challenge... Hopefully my worst too... Anyway, the challenge was set out by Daring Cardmakers. The challenge was to include diamonds in the card. I went to a Scrapbooking store i Stockholm called Scrapparazzi. I can really recommend them. Their supply was nice, even though they had sold out most of the stuff I came for. (I still ended up spending 1000SEK...) I have bought online from them too and I got a personal e-mail from the owner telling me that she had seen my order and was going to pack everything down later that day.
Anyway, I went to Scrapparazzi and I bought rhinestones and a Martha Stewart Edge Punch Floral Lace just so happen to come along together with some nice paper and brads. How did that happen!? So I wanted to use both the rhinestones and the puncher and I thought the flowers were a nice touch. But no... What a mistake. A totally confusing card and the Floral Lace looks so misplaced... More thinking and less crafting next time, please!

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