My work area

Here we have my work space. It is really really small and it is competing with my computer screen. On a bookshelf to the left I have three plastic boxes which contains 12"x12" papers and A4 that I haven't used, big scraps and leftovers and then one smaller box with small paper scraps. My sketchbook and my cutting mat is on the table in front of the small table drawers. (Not sure what to call them...)

On my desk I have all my other stuff. I have marked all my boxes now so I know what's in them. I really love my Stabilo Point 88 pens. And my ZIG Memory Systems Calligraphy pens. Even though I haven't learned real calligraphy. The plastic box with the blue handle is filled with different inks. The box above that plastic box (which is seen in the photo above) is filled with bigger punches, my Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper and my Fiskars Ultra ShapeXpress. And I have my texting pens and my colouring pens in separate glass jars and my glitter glues in one. And my dear RX glue of course.
So, this is where I work. I love to keep it tidy. I always clean everything up before I start a new project. And before going to bed at night. That's more than I could say about the dirty dishes in the kitchen. ;)

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Jennie said...

So organized! What a good workplace, lot's of actual space on the table!